Top 11 Clever Storage Space Solutions For Small Kitchen


Cooking with many and many things in a small place look really tough job to done day to day work. This makes pantry complex to have something done or even find.

I don’t know about your kitchen, but there are many kitchens shouting for some great clever ideas and solutions to have more organized and free of space.

And thus, I’m again here talking about how we can customize our kitchens to have more space, to have a better flow of work and have organized kitchen so that we can find anything in a moment what we want!

Before talking here, I went web to research and create my list of top 12 ideas to save storage on kitchen, and hunted some really easy to install and great ways to have kitchen organized and space free during web surfing.

You know, this ideas to have more and more space in your kitchen are amazing, surprising, super cool and really creative!

There is no tough job to install this ideas and solutions in any pantry (big or small). And I’m dare to tell that this 12 storage and space saving ideas are really top 12!

Sounds great! So why wait for more to have in the complex kitchen that makes cooking like a jumble, just go now with this ideas and solutions and make your kitchen like what you want!

Simple Collapsible Lift Dish Drying Rack With Open Design Feature

Dish drying rack can take up a lot of space and nuisance when having busy or small counter space. But we have another great solution for this to get things flowing again!

Collapsible lift dish drying rack is a perfect solution for those who are struggling with space on the countertop. With his folding and open design, it is really very easy to store it after use in a cabinet.

It’s another great benefit is it’s open design features, which is able to store a wide range of items in a small place, so you can dry big pans and delicate wine glasses.

If you want to fold it, just push a button and it is all done! With this, collapsible utensil and folding wine glass rack are ingenious.

Stainless Steel Octagonal Hanging Pot And Pan Rack


What to do if cabinets are full of things and there are no other good space to store or simply hang pots and pans?

For this scenario, we have another great idea to have things organized again in really attractive, good and easy to reach way. The way is using the vertical space of your kitchen!

Every kitchen has much free of vertical space, for this purpose, having a stainless steel octagonal hanging pot rack is a really great way to use your vertical space with decorating your kitchen in a cool way😀!

You can easily hang any pot, pan or simply measuring tools (which is big or small) in this octagonal hanging pot rack. With this, you get the benefit of finding your kitchen tools in easy to the reachable way and avoid the struggling for finding or storing your utensils in the cabinet.

Kitchen Vertical Wall Pegboard Holder To Hang Anything


If there counter space is lacking, you can always use kitchen pegboard holder, to use vertical space of your wall and store things in simple, easy to reach and attractive way!

There are many types of kitchen pegboard holders, which comes in different sizes according to your needs. Since they can keep every kitchen tool you have in an easy way, this is like must thing to have in the kitchen. This is like a super space saving idea.

Thus, instead of adding some storage or spice racks, this is always a good idea to add pegboard mounted vertically in the wall. This is really flexible to use and increased in storage space!

Utilize Inside surface of Cabinet Doors To Save Storage Space


Cabinet doors are mostly overlooked surface to utilize. They shouldn’t be avoided anymore. Using the back surface of cabinet doors are a really awesome idea to store things in great ways. Frankly, this can save much space in pantry easily.

To use inside surface of cabinet doors, there are two amazing ways to utilize kitchen tools and things!

The Frist one is mounting a simple spice rack between the inside of cabinet doors and shelves. This will help to store things like spice bottles or other small things that can’t be hang.

And the other way to utilize back surface of cabinet doors is mounting 2 or 3 wood strips that have hooks to hang measuring cups, spoons and other tools. This will not affect the door to be locked completely in the cabinet.

By this way, you are avail to free countertop space of your kitchen and gain benefit to hang your cooking tools in storage space-saving way.

Give Another Counter And Cabinets To Your Pantry By Kitchen Cart


Having a rolling kitchen cart is the next another great way to give your kitchen an extra bonus with countertop and cabinet spaces!

You can take and keep it in any place you want. The top side of this rolling kitchen cart provides the counter to use when you are preparing bigger Thanksgiving dinner!

The downside of this kitchen cart (shelves) provides another storage space to have things stored or organized. Because of this cool benefits, I like it most to have one in the pantry!

Get In Use Of Tin Cans That Will Thrown

All kitchen have small, medium or large tin cans, that will be thrown after used. But you know, another clever way to have utensils and cooking tools organized in an economical way is to get in use tin cans!

This tin cans will not use too much space, and can easily installed in any place you want in the pantry. This is a really economical way to store things with ease of access😉.

Have In Use The Upper Side Of Cabinet

Having cabinet in wall mounted means one more benefit. Occasionally, you have noticed that the top side of cabinets is another great space to store things that no longer using or use less often.

Here at this storage space, you can utilize it with having special occasion utensils, or just extra grocery items.

Get Utilize Your Cabinet With One Nesting Table!

Having one table in the kitchen makes most of the works easy to do. But this also comes with using too much space in the kitchen.

So what’s the hack? There is one great idea that will solve this problem with the cool way! Now it’s time to make add nesting table in your one of the cabinet, that can easily be swapped from a cabinet inside and outside.

So when you are not using this table, you can hide it in the cabinet easily. Another benefit is you can use this table for great chopping surface!

You have any square to waste? Check.

Now, what’s the other great idea to save storage space in clever ways?

Look at your kitchen, maybe your cabinets, counter or table, there are you most probably ignoring the useful space, to use in creative ways.

I have found other great storage space in my cabinet, counter and table. And this bonus storage space is the side of this cabinet that don’t butt up against a wall!

You can use this storage space to hang out cooking tools, this is like a bonus storage space that is overlooked in the kitchen.


You can more utilize this space by adding hooks, storage or spice racks or simply adding a wood strip with hooks, to keep a wide range of things.

Get Organized Your Cutting Boards In Clever Ways




We have a wide variety of cutting or chopping boards available in the kitchen. Sometimes this gets complex to organize these chopping boards or find the one we want fast.

So what is the clever way to organize and find them easily? I want to say Go Vertical!

This is a perfect way to store them in any cabinet in vertical type since these chopping boards are Vertical. By doing so, you will be avail to find cutting boards easily and organize them with ease.

Get Organized Your Groceries, Spices And Fruits And Vegetables


So now you can make your small and whimsical kitchen something like incredible with above-given ideas and storage solutions! So what’s the next hack?

The wide verity of spices and having a lot of fruits and vegetables is really consumed much space than we think in the kitchen.

And this also needs some clever ways to organize them in their proper place. This is a really big question that, which way of organizing these items is storage space saving?

For this scenario, I like to mention storage racks, like countertop spice racks, tired spice racks, wall mounted spice racks, cabinets or sliding drawer spice racks or even magnetic mason spice racks!

I already talked about how storage and even spice racks are used in different ways all over the home in the previous article. So this is obviously that we can use these spice racks in storing multiple things!

There are many creative spice racks, where you can store all your spices with ease. You can also store your fruits and vegetables with these storage racks and thus, you get your kitchen organized with having lots of space to store something more and more!

Hence, the above given top 11 clever ideas are greater ways of storage space solution for a small and whimsical kitchen.

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